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Zhengzhou YiFan Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Address: The middle of zhengyuan road, xingyang eastern development zone, zhengzhou, PRC
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  Service Field:
(1) To select the suitable model for clients.
(2) Design the best flow chart.
(3) We can design and manufacture our equipments according to the special requirements of client.
(4) Assign the technical expert to install the equipment at filed for client.
(5) Field training for operators.
(6) We have our own foundry plant. We could


  • The development of mobile crushing station
  • Application of Mobile crushing station in urban environmental protection
  • A Summary of mobile crusher station
  • Circular Economy and Mobile Crushing Station
  • Mobile crushing plant –the catastrophe of construction waste
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  • High power frequency converter on the use of energy-saving conveyor belt
  • Construction waste mobile crushing station in response to a new system of low-carbon environmental situation
  • Mobile crushing equipment, processing of construction waste and achieved initial results
  • Yifan Machinery mobile crushing station: a good helper to solve construction waste
  • Yifan mobile crushing station accomplish a great deal in the future
  • Repairment and maintenance ot mobile crushing station
  • SMH hydraulic cone crusher has obvious advantages in crushing hard rock areas.
  • The Hydraulic Cone Crusher win by the advantage of Structure
  • Yifan mobile crushing station help Shanxi Luliang construction waste recycling project achieve new breakthroughs.
  • Yifan mobile crushing station waste has good performance in crushing of construction.
  • Yifan mobile crushing station waste has good performance in crushing of construction.
  • YIFAN mobile jaw crusher introduction of more responsive to the times and social development
  • YIFAN mobile crushing station to create a unique construction waste disposal equipment
  • Mobile crushing station_YIFAN successfully launched construction waste equipment
  • Independently developed the DSJ series drying hammer crusher
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